As technology advances, so do the possibilities for incorporating home automation into interior design. From lighting and shading to audio and video, here are some of the latest trends in home automation that interior designers should know about:

Voice Control

With devices like Josh.Ai, homeowners can use voice commands to control their homes. Voice control allows for hands-free operation, making it a convenient and accessible option for homeowners with disabilities or mobility issues. 

Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room audio systems allow homeowners to play music in multiple rooms simultaneously. Interior designers can plan for speakers to be installed throughout the home, which can blend in seamlessly with the décor. This means homeowners don’t need to sacrifice style for functionality.

Automated Shading

Automated shading allows for precise control over the amount of light that enters a room, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Homeowners can select shades that complement the décor and create a consistent look throughout the home.


Lighting systems can be programmed to adjust the brightness and color temperature of lights based on the time of day or the homeowner’s preferences. Lighting creates unique moods and highlights specific design elements in a room.

Energy Efficiency

With automated systems, homeowners can control their energy usage and reduce waste. Interior designers can help homeowners select energy-efficient devices and incorporate sustainable design practices into their projects. 

Interior designers can create stylish and functional spaces by incorporating these home automation trends. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of automation while enhancing their homes’ overall design aesthetic.