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AV Luxury Design provides automation solutions for homes and businesses. Based in Maplewood, NJ, we work throughout New Jersey, Essex County and the New York City metropolitan area. We design and install automated window shades, lighting, home theaters, whole-home wifi, and audiovisual systems.
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Residential Lighting

At the touch of a button, you can have energizing light in the morning, natural light during the day, and elegant warm light in the evening. Our custom automated lighting systems set the scene to live, work, and play under light that’s just right.

Commercial Lighting

Attract, engage, and retain customers at the press of a button. Our wide selection of lighting products helps your business deliver endless moods with colored and tunable lights that make your space forever new and dynamic.

Human Centric Lighting
Human centric lighting helps regulate our internal sleep-wake cycle by mimicking the natural light of the sun, which can improve sleep and overall well-being.
Many human centric lighting systems can be controlled and customized using smart home technology or a smartphone app, allowing you to create a personalized human centric lighting experience.
Human centric lighting can provide bright and high-quality light, and can also change in color temperature and intensity throughout the day to mimic the natural light of the sun.
Human centric lighting can be used in different types of buildings and environments, including homes, offices, schools, and more.
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bedroom with automated shades new jersey

Automated Shades

Transform your home into a sanctuary with automated window shades. You can sleep past sunrise with light-blocking shades or cast a glow with light-filtering shades, and you can customize your home’s rhythm by scheduling your window coverings.

home theater with globe on screen

Theater Rooms

A home theater system can greatly enhance your entertainment experience by providing a high-quality, immersive audio and visual environment in the comfort of your own home.

Smarter Living Begins Here!
Imagine walking into a well-lit home, with your favorite music already playing, all with just the touch of a button.
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Kind Words From Our Clients

"Very professional and really knows the ins and outs of installation. I really like that they took the time to explain and break down the technology part for me that I can be sometimes clueless with. Also like how this company paid attention to details. Definitely will recommend this company to others."
Amanda Lee
West Orange, NJ
We recently moved into a new home and have been dealing with various contractors along the way. It's been a stressful experience to say the least. That is up until we contracted AV Luxury to network up the house.
Adam Cheise
Maplewood, NJ